The Least of These

If Santa gives gifts to good children, what does that mean for seven-year-old Katie, who lives in a car? The Least of These movie reminds us how to live out faith toward the people we meet every day. It also challenges preconceptions about the homeless.

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Rose, a homeless single mother, and her young daughter, Katy, discover hope in a small-town diner. They are befriended by a feisty waitress, a big-hearted short-order cook, and a storefront Santa, who gets served a valuable lesson in forgiveness.

Rose’s “chance” encounter with a wealthy art collector could change her path …if she chooses. This magical Christmas, it’s the smallest one that teaches the greatest lesson we could ever hope to learn: opening our hearts to the power of forgiveness … of others and ourselves.


Genre: Christmas Movie
Rating: TV-G

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