I Am Potential

Based on the inspiring true story of Patrick Henry Hughes

Patrick and Patricia, first-time parents, celebrate the arrival of their son, Patrick Henry. Elation quickly gives way to fear as the doctor delivers devastating news. A rare disorder has afflicted their baby, and he faces a lifetime of blindness, limited mobility, and extensive surgeries.

Devastated, the young couple desperately tries to find their way. Patricia valiantly tackles the medical challenges, but Patrick runs from reality by hiding in work and hanging with his sports buddies. Burgeoning bills, broken dreams, and heartache for their son’s suffering threaten to destroy their family.

But in an instant, everything changes. Patrick discovers his young son’s love of music. Slowly, they begin to find the potential packed into their precious son. Their love and sacrifices help him live out all God placed within him. I Am Potential is an inspiring declaration of the value of every life. Based on a true story.


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