Based on a true story, Hoovey is an inspirational movie about overcoming seemingly impossible odds.

Rising high school basketball star Eric “Hoovey” Elliot (Cody Linley, Hannah Montana) comes from a happy Midwestern family. His parents, Jeff (Patrick Warburton, Space Force) and Ruth (Lauren Holly, Picket Fences) were high school sweethearts, now married with two healthy children.

Then Hoovey collapses during practice. He’s rushed to the hospital, where they find a massive tumor at the base of his brain. He survives surgery, only to find his life will never be the same. He has to relearn how to read, walk, and see in a straight line. And if he’s hit on the head again, he could die. Will he ever play basketball again?

Hoovey tells the Elliots’ powerful story of hope, as they turn to faith and family in the worst kind of crisis and refuse to surrender.

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