Heaven Bound

Ted and Josie Hoover had it all: a respected position in the community and a comfortable life, all thanks to Ted’s job at the Mr. Mitzky Organic Gourmet Gluten-Free Dog Food Company. But that all changes one fateful day when Ted makes a terrible mistake at work that accidentally kills the dog food company’s beloved mascot. He quickly becomes a national villain and the laughingstock of the entire town.

No one will hire him and suddenly the Hoovers are unemployed and in debt. Desperate for money, Josie comes up with a farfetched plan to steal jewelry from the local millionaire, Dr. Drake. In their minds, the plan is practically foolproof. They will break into the house, heist the jewels and pawn them to pay their debts. Then they will give them back to the doctor once they get back on their feet.

It might have worked, too, except for two unforeseen situations. First, Josie’s lazy little brother, Moochie, overhears the couple’s plans and now wants to be part of the great jewelry heist. Although he’s the bungling type, the duo finds they have no other choice but to let him “help.”

The other hitch? Little do they know, but Dr. Drake himself is having a little spiritual awakening and is suddenly bent on saving the soul of at least one lucky individual. That’s where the three bumbling burglars come in. When he catches them in his home, he decides God has answered his prayers and has given him three souls to save. And since Dr. Drake’s home is equipped with a state-of-the-art security system, the three burglars find themselves trapped.

As Dr. Drake begins his mission to convert the trio, Ted, Josie and Moochie are convinced they have stumbled upon the creepiest place imaginable. After all, what kind of home features hidden rooms and can keep you locked inside with no way to leave? And when Dr. Drake insists they stay until they have made a decision to follow Jesus, they become desperate to find a way out. Will Dr. Drake’s crazy house drive them apart or bring them closer to one another and God?


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