Finding Grace

Finding Grace is a film about a family that’s falling apart. Ever since Alaska Rose’s mom left four years ago, she’s been acting out. Now that she’s 18, there are legal consequences. But when Alaska (Paris Warner, Little Women) gets arrested, Judge Harper (Erin Gray, Baywatch) decides community service is a better path for the young offender than jail time.

At a local retirement home, Alaska discovers many of the residents have also been abandoned. She develops a special friendship with Mrs. Foster (Kisha Sharon, On the Road), a stubborn older woman, and learns the beauty of giving. Looking beyond her own pain is a chance for change. So is the love of her dedicated single father (Jasen Wade, 17 Miracles) and his desire to reclaim his lost faith. Will Alaska be able to take the next step?

Finding Grace deals sensitively with a lot of important family and social issues. It’s a good film to watch with older children and teens. Also stars David Keith (Heritage Falls).


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