All Roads Lead Home

All Roads Lead Home is an award-winning family film about loss, single parenting, and the difference animals can make in a person’s life.

Twelve-year-old Belle (Vivien Cardone, Everwood), is a pretty happy kid until her mother dies in a car accident. Struggling with loss leaves her withdrawn and rebellious. Her dad, Cody (Jason London, The Christmas Contract) is unable to handle his grief and a daughter who blames him. He sends her to live with her maternal grandfather, Hock (Peter Coyote, Law & Order: LA), on his farm.

The hardest part is that Belle reminds Hock too much of the daughter he lost. They have a hard time connecting. But soon Belle bonds with the animals—even the ones Hock considers disposable. Those relationships with the animals change her and everyone around her as they all gain the courage to love again.


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