A Heart That Forgives

Malcolm and Silk are foster brothers who follow completely different paths. Malcolm follows in his dad’s footsteps and becomes a preacher, while Silk chooses a much darker route on the dangerous streets. Although worlds apart, both Malcolm and Silk have to make difficult life choices that bring them face to face with the painful truth of their past and present.

For Malcolm, being the pastor of a small church means not having very much money. As his church falls on hard times, Malcolm desperately reaches out to his brother Silk who gives him the much-desired financial help he needs. But having such a large sum proves too tempting for Malcom, and he uses the money for his own personal pleasures instead of the needs of his church.

Believing he’s covered up his wrongdoing, Malcom chooses to hide behind a façade instead of coming clean with his corruption. But when one of the church members blackmails him into having an affair, his crisis of conscience quickly reaches a boiling point. The scandals he thinks he can control only spiral into greater temptations and further distrust from his congregation.

At the same time, his brother Silk is facing his own struggles as he and his friends lead the perilous life of street gang thugs. It’s only after a tragic event forces him to look deeply at his life that he realizes the hopeless and dangerous road he’s on. Caught in the middle are the family and friends who also must deal with the legacy of pain, anger and grief from the brothers’ choices.

Ultimately, it’s Malcolm and Silk who must decide to disentangle their chaotic lives. Do they give in to the temptations and pain of the past…or do they learn to forgive and embrace the life-transforming grace of God?


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