Walking in the Word with Brandy Shiloh

Walking in the Word is a weekly faith-based teaching series from Brandy Shiloh Ministries. These teachings are rooted in the ministry of Jesus Christ. They deepen your faith and strengthen you on your spiritual journey. Brandy believes that through knowledge of the Word, we grow closer to God and better understand His plan for our lives.

“As a child, I remember thinking that I would be the best trial lawyer ever. And then as a teenager, I remember thinking how exciting it would be to open my own practice in entertainment law. But now as an adult, I’ve come to the realization that while being an attorney was something that I wanted to do, expanding God’s Kingdom is something that I was always destined to do.” -Brandy Shiloh, Esq.

Leading, teaching, building, creating, helping, and healing has been Brandy’s exclusive focus since the moment God commissioned her to ministry.

Brandy has earned a Juris Doctorate degree and years of experience as a corporate & nonprofit executive leader. She is also a published author and a lover of life. With Brandy Shiloh Ministries, Brandy is taking her love for God and passion for people to an exciting new level.

Brandy Shiloh Ministries empowers and ignites individuals everywhere to live a powerful, faith-filled life on purpose. Her practical teaching style brings an inspiring message of hope. It takes you on a journey of personal exploration and moves you to a place where you can connect with God’s vision for your life.

“And so it begins, expanding God’s Kingdom one heart at a time. Onward and upward.”

Join us for Walking in the Word with Brandy Shiloh!

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