Wonderful Surprises!

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries4 Minutes

One day April was flipping through TV channels and happened to come across a broadcast of Inspiration Campmeeting.

“The speaker prayed for God to provide financial seeds for those—like me—who wanted to sow, but didn’t have the money at that time,” she recalls.

April sensed the Holy Spirit speaking to her, and she was eager to respond. “Okay, God,” she told the Lord, “if You provide the seed money for me, I’ll gladly sow it into Your Kingdom.”

Shortly afterward, she received a surprise check in the mail for $1,000—the exact amount she was hoping to send to Inspiration Ministries for winning souls! She kept her word and sowed the seed, and soon there was an avalanche of unexpected blessings.

“Ever since I Sowed that $1,000, God has given me many amazing harvests!” April says. “First, I received a refund check from my city, along with a letter explaining I had overpaid my property taxes by $672. It was a wonderful surprise!”

But the windfall didn’t stop there.

“The State Tax Board was claiming I owed them $458 for a previous tax year. However, when I investigated the matter, I discovered that they actually owed ME money. As a result, I soon received a refund check from them too!” she exclaims. “And I also received unexpected refunds from my auto and renter’s insurance. Then a friend prospered from a financial investment and blessed me with a totally unexpected gift of $5,000.”

Not long after these unforeseen blessings, April saw another Campmeeting broadcast and sowed a $2,000 seed to thank God for His amazing harvests. “I knew Inspiration Ministries would use the seed to save souls, deliver people from spiritual darkness, and bring healing to every aspect of their lives,” she says.

April gave this seed several specific assignments by listing her prayer requests on the check. She mentioned two longstanding court cases, and soon God gave her victory in both of them.

She also wrote on her check that she wanted a better place to live, since her apartment was small, dark, and without windows or air conditioning. “My car had been broken into and vandalized several times during the five years I lived there,” April says. “And to make matters worse, a heavy smoker had moved in next door, and the smoke seeped into my apartment. Without adequate ventilation, I started getting sick frequently.”

Yet once again, God was faithful to answer her prayers and give her the harvest she needed. “Within a few months, the Lord led me to the perfect apartment—three times larger than my old place,” April reports. “It has EVERYTHING I ever wanted, including a huge jetted tub, a fireplace, tons of windows, air conditioning, three patios, and even a garage, so my car won’t get vandalized anymore. Hallelujah!”

The message of Seedtime and Harvest turned out to be exactly what April needed. “I’m enormously grateful to God for all He has done,” she says. “I’m also thankful to Inspiration Ministries for inspiring me to sow uncommon seeds and reap uncommon harvests!”

What God did for April, He can do for YOU! When you sow financial seeds into His Kingdom, wrap them in faith and give them a specific assignment for the miracle you need!