The Lump Disappeared!

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Stephen’s life began to turn around after he became an Inspiration Partner and learned to stand in faith for God’s miracles in his life.

We love receiving testimonies from people whose lives have been changed through their partnership with Inspiration Ministries. One of these testimonies came from Stephen, a partner from Indiana.

“Since I’ve been a partner with your ministry,” he wrote, “I have started to see things turn around in my life and my family.”

Stephen also is grateful to God for an amazing healing he received. “I found a lump on my body and knew it wasn’t right. I was scared half to death.” Although he repeatedly prayed for the lump to go away, at first nothing happened.

Then Stephen decided to take a step of faith and send a financial seed to Inspiration Ministries. He wasn’t trying to buy a miracle from God, but he understood the Biblical principle of sowing and reaping. One hundred dollars was all he could afford at the time, but he sent it along with his prayer request that God would heal him.

Stephen kept praying and expecting a miracle. Even though he didn’t see any change, he refused to lose heart. “Every day I kept feeling to see if the lump was gone,” he says, “but even though it was still there, I didn’t give up.”

Finally, his breakthrough came. “One day I was praying, and the Holy Spirit told me to check the lump again,” he explained. “There was no more trace of it! You can’t believe how much relief I felt.”

Stephen concluded his note with words of thanks: “God bless everyone at Inspiration Ministries. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

What God did for Stephen, He can do for YOU!