‘The Best Decision You Could Make’

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries4 Minutes

Growing up in Argentina, Angel and his family were some of the very few Christians at that time. Looking back, he estimates that fewer than 10% of his neighbors had a personal relationship with Christ.

“I was blessed to be raised in a home that knew Christ and taught others about Him,” Angel shares. “My father was a pastor, and my faith became personal to me at age 12.”

The turning point came one evening when a group of missionaries spoke to his father’s congregation. Their message sparked a desire in Angel to follow God’s leading and serve the needs of others, just like those missionaries did. He went up to the altar and gave his life to Christ – a decision that would change the course of his life from that moment forward.

The Dream that Took Off

Soon Angel was confident he knew exactly what direction his career should take: to become a general surgeon, where he could serve God and relieve the suffering of people.

“I always knew I wanted to work in the medical field and help others,” Angel remembers. With a clear goal ahead of him, he studied medicine in Argentina and also spent much of his time leading a Christian club on campus.

Upon graduation, Angel became a surgeon in the Argentinian Navy. After three years in the Navy, Angel moved to the United States to become the first surgeon of a small town in Iowa. The community was desperate for surgical care, and for the next 34 years Angel was the primary surgeon.

Appropriately named “Angel,” he was used by God to bring healing to many lives. Despite his demanding schedule as a surgeon, Angel also would go on mission trips to operate on destitute people in Haiti and El Salvador. “It was a wonderful experience, for I always enjoyed helping those in need,” he recalls.

Over the span of his career and his mission trips, Angel was able to care for thousands of people. To help the helpless was a reward beyond words for him.

A New Chapter

After many successful years of work as a physician, Angel and his wife settled in the Carolinas to start a new chapter in their lives.

“It was a difficult decision to leave Iowa, but we sensed there would be an open door to do something else for the Lord,” Angel explains.

Unbeknown to him, God had a new door waiting for him right around the corner. He became a bilingual prayer minister with Inspiration Ministries, praying with Spanish speakers and introducing them to Christ!

“Many of these Spanish callers wanted to know how they could have a relationship with Jesus,” Angel says. “It was a wonderful experience to touch the lives of people in many other countries.”

Now as a retiree, Angel looks back on the wonderful journey God has led him on. Enjoying his grandchildren and able to reflect on countless moments of impact for Christ, he still loves to tell his exciting story of knowing Christ and serving others. He encourages others to live a life of serving God’s purposes and the needs of people.

“At any time, God can touch your life, and make His presence a reality for you,” he concludes. “We then have a choice to listen to His voice or ignore it. When the Holy Spirit pulls at your heart, it’s the best decision you could make to let Him guide you!”