The Adoption Option

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries6 Minutes

During the winter of 2009 in her Fayetteville, North Carolina home, Camelitha met her future daughter in the most unconventional of ways – in a dream. She knew her life would never be the same, but she had no idea the battle that was ahead. Just as the Lord’s love is fierce, relentless, and unconditional, so is the love of a mother fighting for a child she believes God has given her.

In her vivid dream, Camelitha knew she had met her future daughter – before this beautiful little girl was even born. And in the same dream, God revealed what the baby’s name would be: Ariana.

Camelitha recalls, “As the dream unfolded, I was sitting in an SUV holding a baby girl in a pink sleeper. I could see her face and remember feeling my heart swell with love for her.” An overwhelming sense of affection told her this baby would one day be hers. “I immediately felt like this dream was God showing me part of His vision for my life,” she explains.

While she and her husband José had often thought about having children, they didn’t know when the right time would be. However, this incredible dream convinced Camelitha that now was the right time for them to have a child. Little did she know, the Lord had prepared a different avenue to parenthood for this God-fearing couple.

After this dream, she joyously told her friends that she had met her future daughter. Although some of them may have thought she was crazy, Camelitha’s faith was soaring to new heights.

Bringing Ariana Home

By October of 2012, God had spoken to Camelitha and José that they should pursue adoption. The following month, she received a call from the Department of Social Services, sharing the news that a baby girl had just been born and needed a home. Within three weeks, they welcomed this beautiful newborn baby into their home.

“As soon as DSS brought her to our house and I laid my eyes on her, I just knew she was ours,” Camelitha remembers. “Tears of joy poured from my eyes, and I’d never felt so much love and joy.”

Although their spirits were high, a wrench was soon thrown into the plans Camelitha and her husband had to immediately adopt Ariana. A mean-spirited social worker wouldn’t approve their adoption, and her refusal seemed to create an insurmountable obstacle.

One year turned into two, two turned into three, and three years turned into four long years of waiting to officially adopt Ariana after fostering her during this entire time. After exhausting all options they could think of, Camelitha and José began to wonder if they would ever get to call Ariana their own daughter.

Despite discouragement, the fierce, passionate love of this hopeful mother never relented. Right when it seemed that things were at a dead end, Camelitha happened to turn on Inspiration TV to watch Campmeeting. That night the speaker declared that those who took a step of faith to Sow a financial Seed could believe God for a 72-hour miracle.

At first, Camelitha was shocked to hear such a bold statement. “When I heard the speaker’s words, I sarcastically chuckled,” she admits. Nevertheless, she decided to stand on God’s promise to her in the dream years earlier. Desperate for God to intervene in her situation, she decided to Sow a Seed.

Camelitha dialed the International Prayer Center to pray in agreement with her that God would clear the way for Ariana’s adoption to finally go through. She and the prayer minister prayed together and stood in faith that God would perform a miracle to break the stalemate with DSS.

A 72-Hour Turnaround

A few days later, Camelitha received a call from the same social worker who had stood in the way of her adoption approval for years. To her amazement, this time she was told the adoption would finally be approved.

As she and Jose drove to the DSS office to sign the final paperwork, Camelitha realized she has Sown her Seed just 72 hours before! After years of waiting and frustration, the breakthrough had come suddenly.

Now Camelitha loves telling her friends what to do when they come to a roadblock regarding a God-given dream. She has learned the importance of stepping out in faith to Sow Seeds into God’s Kingdom – which she discovered is also Sowing into her own future blessings.

“I never knew about Sowing Seeds before hearing this message on Inspiration TV,” Camelitha says with excitement. “I’ve begun asking my friends if they know about this, and if not, I eagerly share it with them!”