Thanksgiving Surprises!

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries5 Minutes

Boldly giving their last few dollars, Kathy and John received unexpected blessings just days before Thanksgiving.

As Thanksgiving approached a few years ago, Kathy and her husband John made a decision: They would trust God to work out all things for their good, including their struggling marriage. Little did they know, but an unexpected flood of blessings would soon burst upon their family, and their lives would never be the same.

With a renewed dedication to the Lord and each other, they began to study the Bible and watch Christian TV programs together. One breezy, early morning in their home state of Alabama, the couple began watching Inspiration Campmeeting for the first time. The speaker was sharing a testimony about how his life had been transformed through God’s principle of Seedtime and Harvest – a teaching Kathy and John had never heard before.

“At first I didn’t grasp how Seedtime and Harvest could work,” Kathy admits. “So my husband and I set out to study God’s Word and pray for understanding. Soon we received confirmation that God wanted us to sow a seed.”

However, there was a huge problem. Kathy had only a few dollars at the time.

Fortunately, she resolved to take a bold step of faith anyway. Offering her last $4.59, she was determined to trust God to provide for their needs…and He faithfully did!

The first of many blessings came just in time for Thanksgiving. Quite unexpectedly, Kathy and John received a Veterans Administration check in the mail for $45,045.64, nearly a 10,000-fold return on their $4.59 Seed!

Then, after they also received a sizable inheritance, they were able to purchase a debt-free home and a reliable car. Looking back on their many blessings, Kathy exclaims, “Now we realize we’re not living in the world’s economic system anymore, but the economy of God’s Kingdom!”

A Restored Marriage

John also reaped incredible health benefits after their decision to trust God completely. He was healed of thyroid cancer, and his health improved immensely!

But perhaps the greatest blessing of all was the restoration of John and Kathy’s 40-year marriage. Thrilled at how the Lord has changed their hearts, Kathy exclaims, “God restored our marriage, and we renewed our vows on our 40th anniversary! Then we began serving in a local ministry and have made great friends there together.”

Looking back on several years of incredible blessings after sowing that first $4.59 Seed, Kathy shares, “I’ve come to realize that being a Christian isn’t only about salvation and going to Heaven when you die. God also wants to provide His children with things like healing, prosperity, and restored relationships, and now my family walks in these benefits!”

Kathy and John are grateful to Inspiration Ministries for teaching them that God can do the impossible. “God has transformed our lives in many ways over these past few years, and your ministry has built our faith as a family,” she gratefully concludes.

Through the Biblical principle of Seedtime and Harvest, this family was changed from the inside out. “We are living testimonies that what you do with your money makes a difference in every other area of your life!” Kathy explains.

And it all started with a simple $4.59 seed…

Why not follow Kathy and John’s example and sow a special offering this Thanksgiving season? When you release what’s in YOUR hand, God will release the supernatural blessings that are in HIS hand!

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