Shellie’s Double Harvest

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries5 Minutes

For one Inspiration Ministries partner from Indiana, the winter was harsh, and spring could not come soon enough. Shellie was praying for supernatural breakthroughs for both her health and her finances.

Little did she know, God was about to come through in a big way!

Shellie had been struggling with her health for some time and finally opted to see a doctor about a suspicious lump on her throat. As a faith-filled Christian, she believed Jesus could heal her. Yet the lump remained, and she knew it was time to call a doctor.

The night before her doctor’s appointment, Shellie was up late and happened to find a broadcast of Inspiration Campmeeting on her TV.

“It was close to 3 a.m., and I began to feel the Holy Spirit move in my heart as I watched the program,” she recalls. “I felt like I was meant to hear the speaker’s message.”

Feeling prompted to take the next step, Shellie pledged to send a financial Seed to Inspiration Ministries. She didn’t yet have the money to plant her first Seed, but she was trusting God to provide it.

“The devil tried every way he could to discourage me,” she now laughs. “But I boldly said, ‘God, I’m believing in You, and I’m going to Sow my $58 Seed now and every month after this.’”

God’s Remarkable Timing

The very next day, Shellie went to her doctor’s appointment concerning the nodule on her throat. She had been waiting patiently for God’s intervention, and she finally heard the word she was hoping for: benign.

Excited, Shellie praised God for His miraculous healing power and perfect timing. She considered her diagnosis a gift from the Lord, and her heart was full of gratitude for her healing.

But then something else happened just a few days later.

“I had quite a surprise when I went to the mailbox to sort through bills and letters,” Shellie shares in amazement. “Completely unexpectedly, I received a $599 check from a credit card company, explaining that they owed customers money for a service the company didn’t correctly provide.”

Once again, God’s timing was wonderful. “I was just about to Sow my $58 Seed, but then it dawned on me: The check from the credit card company was over 10 times more than I pledged to Sow!”

Shellie credits the powerful teaching on Campmeeting with encouraging her to trust God with her finances and expect Him to meet her needs in return.

“I know it was God who brought me to your program,” she gratefully says. “I’m so excited to see what this coming year of Seed-Sowing has in store for me. I thank God for your ministry and believe with all my heart that this will be the first of many Harvests to come!”

What Harvest Do YOU Need?

Like Shellie, perhaps you need a breakthrough in your health or finances. Or perhaps you’re struggling with negative emotions, an addiction, or a broken relationship with a loved one. Whatever the need may be, God wants you to trust Him to bring you victory!

Today you can follow Shellie’s lead and become a financial partner of Inspiration Ministries. And, as always, the prayer ministers in our International Prayer Center are eager to join you in praying for the breakthrough you need:

If you need prayer for your relationships, emotions, health, finances, or some other area of your life, the prayer ministers at our International Prayer Center would love to pray the Prayer of Agreement for your miracle breakthrough!