Saved from Homosexuality

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

After 11 years in the homosexual lifestyle, Gregory lost his marriage and his relationship with his sons. But God saved and delivered him while he was watching Christian television!

“Dear Inspiration Ministries:

Thank you so much for emailing me your daily devotionals. They really help to start my day off right with the Word of God.

God has given me a praise report, and He told me to make a sign for the back window of my car, which says:

I used to be a homosexual, but God set me FREE!

You can only imagine how I fought with God about doing that. But He won, and now I have that sign in my back window everywhere I go.

Five years ago, I accepted Jesus as my Savior while watching Christian TV, and God saved me from an awful life of homosexuality. I had spent 11 years in the gay lifestyle and before that, pornography. This caused me to lose my marriage and my relationship with my two sons.

But God has done a marvelous work in my life. Instead of being in bondage, I’m a man of God, commissioned to tell others about my journey. Jesus is the Lord of my life, and I’ll do anything He asks me to do and go anywhere He asks me to go.

The Lord is giving me incredible open doors to speak at conferences and churches to share how He has delivered me. I’m grateful for how your ministry has strengthened me and helped to prepare me for ministry!

Your brother in Christ,

Greg, Florida