Nowhere to Turn

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Alice had tried everything, but life kept taking destructive turns. As a 20-something divorced mother of four, she was broke and brokenhearted. “I was lonely and discouraged, flipping the TV channels looking for something to make me feel better. A bad relationship where I was taken advantage of financially and emotionally had just ended. I didn’t know where to turn.”

It was at this low point that Alice happened upon an Inspiration Ministries program teaching about the power of sowing a seed. “I was immediately drawn to give. I had absolutely nothing to lose at that point. I had tried everything but trusting God, so I sowed my seed and asked God to bring me a husband.”

Shortly after Alice sowed her seed, a friend invited her to a birthday party. Still battling depression, she reluctantly attended the celebration. There, she met a true gentleman, a God-sent answer to her seed of faith.

“I felt like Ruth meeting her Boaz. Things have not been perfect, but through every tough time, we have given our issues to the Lord. Ten years later, we are happily married. I am convinced that had I not been obedient that day, sowing the money I had, my windows of blessings would not have opened.

“See, I was holding back my own blessings by not trusting because of fear. God has taught me to never second-guess giving. It’s His spirit prompting us to give, so He can bless us! You can’t have a harvest without planting a seed.

“We now put God first in our lives and are looking forward to many more years together and sharing the Gospel with others.”

Take a step of faith. Contact our International Prayer Center or visit and sow a seed for your need today.