‘My Life Exploded with God’s Favor!’

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Like many powerful beginnings, Raleigh’s turnaround started with a small step of faith. He’d been chasing his dream of becoming a Christian music producer but quickly realized the struggles of starting a business from the ground up.

Facing a crossroads, he realized there were only two choices: either give up his dream or trust God to give him the breakthrough he needed.

Right at his lowest point, Raleigh found encouragement through an Inspiration Ministries TV program about God’s financial faithfulness. While watching the program during a fierce winter snow storm in New York, he decided to give meaning to his money by using it to advance God’s Kingdom. His first step of faith in trusting the Lord with his finances was to partner with Inspiration Ministries to win souls and disciple believers around the world.

This first financial Seed soon turned into the second and the third – until Raleigh was a Monthly Ministry Partner, investing a little bit every month. Although his financial partnership started as a simple act of obedience, soon God began working in his life in wonderful ways.

“God did one thing for me after another,” Raleigh joyfully shares. “My life exploded with His favor!”

Instead of continuing to have his success thwarted, he suddenly saw his business thrive. But an even greater reward was the growth of Raleigh’s faith.

“Inspiration Ministries has helped me become rooted spiritually,” he says gratefully.

To join Raleigh and become a Monthly Ministry Partner, visit inspiration.org/souls.