My Dreams Are Coming True!

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries4 Minutes

“In the first nine months of the year, I received double the income I made all last year!”

From his home in Rhode Island, James listened intently as one of our Inspiration Campmeeting speakers described how he broke the back of poverty in his life by sowing a $1,000 seed into God’s Kingdom. Although he was skeptical at first, when he prayed about this message, he distinctly heard the Lord’s words in Malachi 3:10: “Prove Me now” (KJV).

“I immediately grabbed the phone and sowed my seed in faith,” James says. And God responded in a dramatic way. “The very next day, I received a $600 check for something that had been owed to me for a while. But that was just the beginning.”

For several years, James had been reaching out to troubled kids through positive rap music; he was known as Mr. Deep Positivity. When he watched the Campmeeting broadcast, he was experiencing a desperate need for sponsors to help him hold more concerts and give away more of his uplifting, educational CDs for children.

“Just a few weeks after sowing my $1,000 seed, I received a contract for $17,000,” James reports. “This covered 10 free school concerts and a ‘positivity contest’ in which those schools competed for free materials.” Because of this unexpected contract, James was able to provide several elementary schools with free CDs for every student – a total of 4,000 CDs!

“But the blessings didn’t stop there,” James says. “God then gave me enough income to take the whole summer off. During that time, He blessed me with the inspiration to create three board games, and I now have an opportunity to market the games to a major game company. God also has helped me form a partnership with Big Brothers to seek grants to cover free concerts and CDs for every school in my state.”

James knows that none of these things would have happened without God’s favor in his life. “What a blessing this all has been. My dreams are coming true!”

He now looks back at his step of faith during Inspiration Campmeeting as a major turning point. “The Lord has truly blessed my seed, and I’m grateful Campmeeting taught me about wrapping faith and expectancy around my seed sowing. In the first nine months of the year, I received double the income I made all last year!”

James now believes God for new harvests so he can impact more lives for the Kingdom of God. “There is so much more I could write about the blessings I’ve received since sowing my $1,000 seed during Campmeeting,” he says. “I thank God for proving Himself faithful and His Word true.”

As he has learned the joy of sowing and reaping, James has increasingly reflected on the name Mr. Deep Positivity. His expectancy for blessings has grown and grown.

“What a joy it’s been to expect the windows of Heaven to open when I sow my financial seeds,” he says gratefully. “God has truly poured out blessings greater than I’ve had room to receive them!”

What God has done for James, He can do for you! Visit today to sow a seed for souls.