My Depression Vanished Overnight

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

At age 85, Mort received a powerful word from God that changed everything.

Growing old is not for cowards. Just ask Mort, who is a military veteran and a long-time nursing home resident.

At age 85, he’s thankful to live in a good facility and knows how to make the best of any situation. For years, he was happy just wandering the halls, continuing his life-long love affair with reading, and tickling the ivories of the old piano in the great room.

Gradually, though, darkness settled on Mort’s life … a depression so deep that he withdrew to his room and never came out. He stopped reading, playing music, and interacting with others. Always a fitful sleeper, he slept and woke at odd times. One morning at 3 a.m., he tuned into an Inspiration Ministries Campmeeting message of seed sowing that piqued his interest.

The simple power of the message pierced his heart.

“I can’t understand how I’ve gone to church all my life and never heard the truth. I didn’t know the Gospel was that simple. This helped me to finally (at 85!) make a decision I should have made 70 years ago!”

Today, Mort is back traveling the hallways, reading, and pounding out tunes that bring happy memories to others. The Gospel songs now have new meaning for him. Mort also sows seed into the Good Ground of Inspiration Ministries to help others hear the Good News and find the happiness he has found.

“Accepting Jesus as my Savior changed everything. Now I know I have the Holy Spirit living in me, and I’m truly happy.”