Linda’s Miracle Grandbaby

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries4 Minutes

The blood of Jesus is powerful. That’s what Linda kept telling herself when doctors said her pregnant daughter, Judith, should abort her baby because it was severely deformed.

“I said to my daughter, ‘No, the baby is not deformed. We have to show them we are serving a living God,’” Linda recalls. “And even if the baby is deformed, things will be okay,” she told her daughter. “You don’t need to abort the baby.”

One of the challenges Linda faced was that she lives in Ireland, thousands of miles away from her pregnant daughter’s home in Ghana, where Linda originally lived. However, there’s no distance in prayer, and Linda called an Inspiration Ministries Prayer Minister the next day. Together, they prayed that Judith’s baby would be born healthy.

“It was hard being so far away from my daughter during this difficult time, but I put my trust in God,” Linda says. “Anyone who puts their trust in Him will not fail.”

One of the Scriptures that strengthened her faith during Judith’s pregnancy was Hebrews 13:8: “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” She also reminded herself how God had delivered Daniel from the lion’s den and answered Hannah’s prayer for a baby. “If He performed those miracles for Daniel and Hannah, surely He could deliver my grandchild to the world healthy and strong.”

Linda’s daughter was already very late in the pregnancy when the doctors discovered the abnormalities. Finally, at eight months, they said the baby’s head was clearly too big.

But despite the overwhelming evidence, Linda told her daughter and son-in-law not to worry. “The doctors are just confused,” I told them. “Don’t worry. God is in control.”

Linda then told her daughter to put her hand on her belly and pray: “No weapon formed against my baby will prosper. All abnormalities are canceled in the name of Jesus.”

The day Judith went into labor, her husband called Linda. “He was panicking all night at the hospital,” Linda said. “He couldn’t stand to watch the pain his wife was going through and was nervous about the outcome.”

However, God miraculously answered their prayers. Later that night, Linda got a text from her son-in-law that Judith had given birth to a healthy baby boy. They named him Axel.

“Hallelujah!” Linda exclaimed when she got the news. “We thank God for Axel!”

When Linda called the family at the hospital, her daughter reassured her that it had been a totally normal birth—no complications and not even a C-section.

“I thank God so much,” Linda says, overflowing with gratitude. “And I’m so grateful for Inspiration Ministries praying with me for this amazing miracle. God truly fulfilled His promise in
Jeremiah 33:3 to show us great and mighty things when we call upon Him!”