Linda’s God-Sent Provision

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Can a $5 bill trigger a financial breakthrough?

Do you sometimes wonder how your bills will get paid? Do you find yourself struggling to believe that God is truly a good Father, able to meet all of your needs when you trust Him and follow His instructions?

Then be encouraged by Linda’s story of God’s overwhelming financial provision through a “God-sent family.”

Linda lives in California with her husband, where she ministers to drug-addicted women on the streets. Although she knew God had called her to this ministry, Linda’s faith was tested when her husband became disabled and lost his job—reducing their income to practically nothing.

Early one morning in her home in Fresno, she turned on the TV and began watching Inspiration Campmeeting. One of the speakers explained the principle of seedtime and harvest, and Linda was intrigued. She had been involved in many ministries, but none had taught about sowing into God’s Kingdom and reaping a harvest. She sensed God prompting her to sow a financial seed, but when she reached for her wallet, she realized there was only one $5 bill remaining.

“Hello, I’m calling to sow a seed,” she told the representative on the phone. “But I only have $5 in my wallet. Will you accept this?” The representative gladly agreed, encouraged by Linda’s obedience to God’s leading.

So, in complete faith, Linda sent her $5 in the mail.

Shortly after taking that first step, she got a call from her husband. Overjoyed, he exclaimed, “Linda, our ship came in! We just received an unexpected $5,000 in the mail!”

At that moment, Linda knew without a doubt that her harvest had come—a 1,000-fold return!

But this was only the beginning of an incredible downpour of financial favor for Linda and her husband. Not long after her first step of faith in sowing her $5 seed, something incredible happened one Sunday morning at church. Noticing a woman crying in the pews, Linda comforted her in prayer. This didn’t seem like any big event at the time, but it resulted in a remarkable breakthrough for Linda and her husband.

The woman Linda prayed for became a great friend. She and her family also became extreme financial benefactors for Linda and her husband, providing God-sent resources that met their every financial need.

“I knew God was teaching me to surrender everything I had to, starting with that first $5 bill,” Linda recalls. “So I continued to sow a new seed into Inspiration Ministries each time I received income. The more I sowed, the more our harvest multiplied!”

Linda faithfully continued her women’s ministry, eventually writing an encouraging book and selling it for income. Then one day she heard a knock on her front door. “The same God-sent family handed me a check—this time for $20,000!” she marvels.

“I just started crying,” Linda says. “Every time I receive money from this great family, I know in my heart it’s because I’ve first given what I have to God through Inspiration Ministries.”

Now Linda sees signs of confirmation that God is with her every day, and she believes with all her heart that He will provide for her yet again.

Have you learned to trust God as your provider?

Perhaps He’s asking you to take a step of faith, like Linda did, to sow a financial seed into God’s Kingdom through Inspiration Ministries.

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