James’ Newfound Direction

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

If you’re struggling to find God’s purpose for your life, be encouraged by this story of how a TV program helped transform a young man who needed a new beginning.

Looking back on the night when he stumbled upon Inspiration Ministries’ original evangelistic program, “The Answer,” James describes himself as “just a young man with no idea where I was going.” He was finishing his college education, but felt no real sense of direction for the future.

“After hearing the speakers share how God had changed their lives and given them meaning, I decided to call and speak with one of your prayer ministers,” James says. “That night I heard that I needed to trust God if I wanted to find His plan for my life. And to do that, I had to meet His Son Jesus.”

That night James prayed and asked Christ to forgive his sins and be his Lord and Savior. “Instead of feeling hopeless, I’m optimistic!” he exclaims. “Life still has its challenges, but now I have direction and no longer face the challenges on my own.”

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