‘Inspiration TV Is Like Having Church in Our Home’

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Growing up in Benin City, Nigeria, Joy wasn’t raised in the Christian faith. But at the sprouting age of 11 years old, she heard a sermon on how Christ can rescue anyone in need, and she asked Him to be her Savior.

Little did she know at the time, but soon Joy herself would need God to rescue her from a heartbreaking family situation. “As I continued to attend church, my father began to turn his back on me,” Joy remembers. “One day he told me, ‘I’ve had it with you. You have to leave the family.’”

After leaving home, Joy continued growing in her devotion to the Lord and attended a Bible school. There she met Peter, the man she would marry and serve God alongside. Following graduation, God gave Joy and her husband new directions: to move north to Abuja, a predominantly Muslim city, to be witnesses for Christ. Their ministry—and their family— quickly grew.

“God called us to be missionaries in the rural villages,” says Joy. “Shortly after we moved, we transitioned from being newlyweds to parenting three foster children. This was the beginning of what would be a lifelong ministry to share the love of Jesus with nonbelievers.”

Joy shares how Inspiration TV has strengthened her and other believers in Nigeria. “Years ago, I was channel surfing on my TV, when Inspiration TV grabbed my attention. I was immediately hooked and couldn’t stop watching. Now I gather ladies into my home, and we turn on Inspiration TV to learn how to be stronger Christians,” explains Joy. “One of the amazing benefits of Inspiration TV is that you can have a church in your home.”

Dangerous Persecution

Joy and a group of women regularly go into Nigerian villages and share Christ with the Muslim women. Many are converting from Islam to Christianity, then sharing the message of salvation with their children and husbands as well.

“When Muslims turn to Christ, most are scared of what their families will do to them. They know they could face death or be ostracized,” Pastor Joy says, describing the risks many new believers take in leaving Islam. Sometimes new Christians or those interested in converting to Christianity are watched, interrogated, or even killed if they’re seen at a church.

In Nigeria many Muslim extremists are trying to crush Christianity and Islamize the nation. “They want Christians to shut up so they can make the whole place Islamic,” Joy shares. She recalls the story of one pastor in her village whose two daughters were kidnapped by extremists and forced to surrender their lives to Allah. As a result of his grief, the pastor suffered a massive heart attack and died.

Despite facing persecution and even witnessing street killings in her village, Joy says her faith grows stronger and stronger by the day. “At times I feel like Elijah did, when he says in 1 Kings 19:10, ‘I have been very zealous for the Lord God of hosts… and they seek to take my life.’”

But she notes that, just as the Lord was faithful in keeping Elijah alive, He has been faithful to her and Peter and their fellow Christians as they risk their lives by following Jesus amid a culture filled with radical Muslims. “Through it all, we feel the presence of the Lord,” Joy says gratefully.

Miracles, Visions, and Dreams

“For people who cannot openly declare or learn about Jesus, Inspiration TV is a spiritual lifeline,” Joy says. “They can watch it in their home and be blessed anytime day or night.”

Despite the danger and persecution all around them, God has shown Himself in powerful ways to the Christians in Nigeria.

“Incredible miracles have broken out here, and the Lord is releasing His healing power,” Joy reports. “People who were blind can now see, and those who couldn’t talk can now speak. Despite the hardships, Christians are being blessed.”

Joy is also amazed by how God is speaking directly to Nigerian Muslims in visions and dreams. “I know an Islamic leader who wanted to know the truth about Jesus,” she recalls. “One night he
prayed, ‘God, I just want to know who You really are.’ And when he went to sleep, Jesus visited him in a dream and said, ‘Follow Me,’ and the man did!”

As thankful as she is for stories like this, Joy has a burden to pray for God to give increased strength to the Muslims who have turned to Christ. Facing daily challenges, she knows they must move deeper into their faith so they’re not tempted to go back.

Discipled by Inspiration TV

Muslims who turn to Jesus often find themselves forced to worship in secret. They do not have Bibles, and even the simple act of going to church could cost them their life. So how can new believers find discipleship? One solution Joys has found is to point people to the Bible teaching and discipleship programs on Inspiration TV.

“For people who cannot openly declare or learn about Jesus, Inspiration TV is a spiritual lifeline,” Joy says. “They can watch it in their home and be blessed anytime day or night.”

Inspired by the 24/7 Christian programming on Inspiration TV, Joy and her husband Peter faithfully pastor the Christians in their area and reach out to Muslim neighbors. And everyone who partners with Inspiration Ministries is a part of their great outreach.

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