Her Labor of Love

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For over a decade, we’ve prayed with our partner Ramona for the usual stuff of life: family, health, and finances. Those are exactly the areas God wants us to see His power and provision. Recently, Ramona called for help with a special situation.

She was in the middle of a labor of love – publishing a book her mom had written decades before. Filled with family stories and personal memories, it was for her mom’s 94th birthday gift. Publishing delays and difficulties kept pushing production back, and Ramona worried that it wouldn’t be completed in time.

“I desperately wanted to have this book for Mom’s early-October birthday. When September came and the book was still being delayed, I decided to call the prayer center. The devil told me, ‘Don’t do that; there are others who need prayer more.’ But I knew God told me to honor my mother, so I called. And God answered!”

Ramona’s gift was more than just a book. Her mom had been discouraged with the challenges of aging, but after receiving the book, her mom exclaimed, “Now I have something more to live for.”

God hears the cries of our hearts. Ramona has had many amazing answers to prayer – over $30,000 of medical debt cleared, favor with Social Security Disability, physical healing, and improved relationships.

“I found Inspiration Ministries through a television broadcast. Since I became a partner, I’ve often prayed with the ministry. God uses Inspiration Ministries to send me the right resources at the right time. Partnering with Inspiration Ministries to grow the Kingdom of God has helped me grow too!”

God loves to be an active part of our families. It is our joy to take your concerns to the throne room of Heaven.

What God has done for Ramona, He can do for YOU! Our prayer ministers would love to agree with you in prayer for the breakthrough you need.

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