‘God Healed My Husband’s Stroke!’

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries4 Minutes

Rebecca, an Inspiration Partner in Phoenix, Arizona, heard a speaker teach about sowing seeds into God’s Kingdom with a “specific assignment,” or prayer request. She had never heard this Biblical teaching before.

About a month later, she had an opportunity to put this principle into action when her husband, Brent, suffered a near-fatal stroke.

“The doctors said Brent was unlikely to survive the stroke,” Rebecca recalls. “And even if he did manage to live, they said he wouldn’t be ‘right’ after the stroke, and he probably would never walk again.”

But Rebecca had begun sowing monthly $58 Seeds into Inspiration Ministries, and she found herself filled with unusual faith and expectancy. “I started sowing my seeds specifically for Brent’s healing, and GOD HEALED HIM!” she exclaims.

After spending several days in the Intensive Care Unit and a few weeks in the hospital and a health rehabilitation center, Brent was allowed to go home. “I saw his health improve month after month,” Rebecca joyfully reports, “and my faith continued to grow as I watched Inspiration Campmeeting and your other broadcasts.”

Meanwhile, the doctors were amazed by Brent’s quick and complete healing. “They’ve scratched their heads in wonder to see the total healing of his stroke, which has now been over a year ago!”

God also did a financial miracle for Rebecca and Brent, another blessing they attribute to the faithful monthly seeds they’ve sown into His Kingdom. Brent runs his own small business as a general contractor, but the slow economy had caused his work to absolutely dry up for about nine months. And then he had the stroke.

This created a dire financial situation, as Rebecca explains: “Because of Brent’s lack of work and then his stroke, our house went into foreclosure. By then, he had started watching your programs with me, and his heart for the Lord went from mediocre to quite radical!”

Brent also became passionate about financial Sowing into God’s Kingdom. One day as they watched a Campmeeting broadcast, the speaker encouraged viewers to sow a seed for “Triple Favor,” yet they had no money to sow, because Brent’s business hadn’t had any work in months.

“We cried out to the Lord for seeds to sow,” Rebecca remembers, “and within a month we got a work order that allowed us to expectantly sow a couple of seeds, asking God to save our house.”

That’s when God intervened. “Miraculously, our mortgage lender then quickly processed and approved our loan modification application, enabling us to keep our home. Since then, the Lord has been supplying Brent with a steady stream of work!”

Rebecca and Brent are convinced these miracles are just the beginning. “Inspiration Ministries has been a great blessing in our lives,” Rebecca says, “and we’re excited about sowing more seeds into this good ground to further God’s Kingdom!”

What God did for Rebecca and Brent, He can do for you!

If you need a healing, a financial breakthrough, a restored relationship, or some other blessing, take a step of faith today to sow a financial seed—wrapped in expectancy and given a specific assignment for the miracle you seek.