From Brokenness to Blessing

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries5 Minutes

Gracie and Raymon were on the road to divorce when God intervened – in ways only He could do.

No marriage is broken beyond repair if we give God all the pieces. He is the Great Restorer – of our faith, our souls, our hopes, and even our marriages. Gracie and Raymon’s inspiring story of restoration will encourage you to trust the Lord to heal any brokenness in your life today.

Gracie and Raymon were teen sweethearts who married while Gracie was still enrolled in high school. Her dream of being a professional attorney was trumped by her newfound passion to be a wife and mother. “My teachers disapproved of my decision to marry instead going to college,” she remembers, “but I was in love and determined to marry Raymon.”

Raymon was a successful businessman whose Midas touch paved the way for the two to buy several businesses. However, his obsession with the businesses eventually became an unbearable hindrance to their marriage.

Gracie shares, “After my husband’s pride caused us to hit rock bottom, I found myself on my knees in the living room, asking God for a miracle.”

From Bad to Worse

Things got worse before they got better. “One afternoon we got into such a huge fight that Raymon threw me out of one of the stores we owned and locked the doors,” Gracie recalls. “At that point I knew the businesses had taken over his life.”

Feeling that the marriage was broken beyond remedy, Gracie filed for divorce. However, finalizing the divorce turned out to be a long and arduous process, and neither Gracie nor Raymon were prepared for the incredible pain of battling each other in court.

“When my attorney raised the question of who should get the house, I said I didn’t want anything but peace in my soul,” Gracie remembers. During that time, God told her, “You’ve called yourself a Christian for years, but you’ve just been playing church. I am the true judge in this courthouse. It’s time to live My way!”

Unbeknown to Gracie, God was also revealing to Raymon the areas of pride in his life. Seeing how wrong his actions had been toward his wife, he asked her for forgiveness.

The two cancelled their divorce action and started their relationship afresh, first dating and then allowing themselves to fall in love all over again. Three months later, they renewed their vows and entered into a new covenant – this time with the Lord as their guide.

All Things New

In December of 2018, Raymon and Gracie celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary! “Ever since God changed our hearts, I have seen Him perform miracle after miracle in my family,” Gracie marvels. “The Lord healed our marriage and blessed us with three beautiful children.”

But the Great Restorer didn’t just reconcile their marriage and bless them with children. He made all things new in their businesses as well.

Raymon readjusted his focus and found a new passion for financing the Kingdom of God by building churches and providing homes for needy families. Gracie managed the finances of the businesses from home while also caring for their children.

With great excitement, Gracie exclaims, “Inspiration Ministries has taught us to plant our finances into ministries that win souls and advance God’s Kingdom. As we’ve sown financial seeds into Inspiration Ministries, our businesses are booming, and now we are completely debt-free! God has restored not only our marriage, but also our finances and our purpose in life!”

What kind of restoration do YOU need today? Take a step of faith to entrust all your broken pieces into the hands the Great Restorer!