Faith Spurred by an Alabaster Jar of Oil

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries5 Minutes

This is the touching story of how God used the alabaster jar of oil from Inspiration Ministries as a point of contact for God’s miraculous healing touch.

After the excruciating pain of losing both his wife and son to untimely deaths, Christopher’s daughter Alecia seemed to be all he had left. And when she encountered serious health issues, he knew he couldn’t lose her…he simply couldn’t.

Yet Alecia’s doctors were concerned about a cyst they’d found. After multiple trips to the hospital, surgery was scheduled. This news was devastating, both emotionally and financially.

As his daughter awaited surgery, Christopher happened to see a powerful message on Inspiration Campmeeting one day. He was moved to cast his cares on the Lord and sow a $58 Seed to impact the world through Inspiration Ministries.

A few weeks later, he received an alabaster jar of oil in the mail, sent as a “thank you” from David Cerullo. So Christopher anointed his daughter with the oil and prayed the prayer of faith for her healing.

A Surgery Day Surprise

In just a few days, Alecia’s surgery date arrived. Her Dad drove her to the hospital, and they braced each other for what was to come.

As Christopher released his precious daughter into the surgeon’s care, he tenderly kissed her forehead and said goodbye. But within minutes, Alecia came bouncing out of the surgery room and into the waiting room to find her father. He had prepared himself for a long wait, only to see his daughter quickly return with a face of disbelief.

“Alecia, what’s going on? Is everything okay?” Christopher asked his daughter.

“Dad, I can’t believe it!” she exclaimed. “As I was lying on the operating table and being prepared for surgery, the lights in the room suddenly flickered and all the computers momentarily shut off. Then the doctors examined my cyst, only to find out it was gone!”

As Christopher stared in amazement, his daughter continued. “I asked the doctor if I could go home, and he said, ‘Yes.’ I can’t believe it!”

Alecia then paused, looked up at her father, and asked, “Dad, you anointed me with the oil and prayed for me. Do you think I’m healed?”

“God has surely healed you!” Christopher replied with incredible gratitude and relief.

As they reflected on this turn of events, Christopher and Alecia knew God had given them a miracle. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, He had used their prayers and that alabaster jar of oil.

The Miracles Continue

Just one month later, Christopher’s art gallery was hosting a public concert. Throughout the night he noticed a man with severe deformity of his hands.

“I could tell it was only a matter of time before his hands would be useless,” Christopher recalls. “He already was in great pain, struggling to do simple things like shake someone’s hand or hold a glass.”

Believing that this man could experience God’s healing power, just as his daughter did, Christopher introduced himself.

“Hi, my name is Christopher. This may sound bizarre, but my daughter recently experienced a healing from God. Would you like to be healed as well?”

Shocked, the man replied, “Yes, sir, my hands are crippling and in constant pain. I just want to be healed. What do I do?”

Christopher explained the miracle of his daughter’s healing, then prayed the prayer of faith as he anointed the man with the oil from the alabaster jar he had received from Inspiration Ministries.

Just one week later, the man returned to the art gallery and exclaimed to Christopher, “I am healed! I am healed!” His once achy, crippled hands were now completely pain-free and usable!

God has revolutionized Christopher’s life through miracles like these. “I now live my life by the principle that I am ‘blessed to be a blessing.’ He gives me a cup that never runs dry, so I can share His love with the world!”

Abounding in gratitude to the Lord, Christopher also is profoundly grateful to the partners of Inspiration Ministries. “Thank you, Inspiration Ministries, for everything you do. I deeply love your ministry and am so blessed to be your partner in reaching the world for Christ!”