A Testimony of God’s Favor

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Doris experienced God’s favor and an amazing financial turnaround after she contacted our Inspiration Prayer Center for prayer.

Doris was mired in so much debt that her credit rating kept getting worse, and this prevented her from getting approved for any loans or credit. She was even turned down for a college loan for her daughter’s tuition.

But God gave her a fresh start after she contacted the Inspiration Prayer Center for prayer and sowed a financial seed into His Kingdom:

“I asked your prayer ministers to pray for a turnaround of my negative credit rating and for cancellation of some of my debt. I also requested special prayer for God’s favor regarding a car accident I was in a few months before—because my insurance company had decided not to pay for the damage to my car.”

Doris was amazed by how the Lord answered both of her prayer requests:

“I checked my credit report again and found no sign of any negative credit. God had pressed a delete button on my bad credit!” she exclaimed. “And my insurance company sent me a $5,000 check, covering the total cost of repairs to my car, despite their previous refusal. God’s favor is wonderful!”

What God did for Doris, He can do for you!