A Life Transformed by a Facebook Video!

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Richard was one of thousands of people in Ghana who prayed last year to make Jesus their Lord and Savior through our evangelistic outreaches.

Richard is a young secondary school graduate in Ghana who follows Inspiration Ministries on social media. Life had been difficult for him in recent years, causing him to become frustrated and desperate for a change.

One day, Richard happened to see one of David Cerullo’s Bible teaching videos on Facebook. Although he had seen some of David’s videos before, something was different this time.

In those short minutes, Richard’s life was forever changed. He suddenly realized he had been forgetting God for many years. He saw that his frustration could only be remedied through a personal relationship with Christ as His Savior.

Richard immediately called the International Prayer Center and spoke with one of the prayer ministers. As they prayed together, he accepted Jesus as the Lord of his life.

“I knew I needed to be saved in order to have an eternal place for my soul when I die,” Richard says. “I realized it’s only through Jesus Christ that I could be saved, and I couldn’t be saved without Him.”

That day, Richard received a joy in his soul that he will never forget.

“Thank you for posting the life-changing video and then receiving my call to your International Prayer Center!” he gratefully says.