A Life Set FREE!

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At age 28, Tim was fighting a 10-year battle with addiction to pornography and sex. He yearned for Jesus, but couldn’t break free from the grip of addiction—until an online video unexpectedly changed everything.

Despite being raised in a Christian home, Tim never had a personal relationship with Jesus. For 10 years, the one thing that kept pulling him further and further from God was his addiction to sex and pornography. Tim thought freedom was impossible. The tormenting chains were just too strong to break.

“I didn’t have a relationship with Him (the Lord) or love Him with all my heart, soul, and mind,” Tim says. “God was not the center of my life, and that made me prone to becoming a slave to my human desires.”

Tim knew he couldn’t serve two masters, but the grip of sexual sin was too tight for him to overcome on his own.

“How Could I Stop a 10-Year Addiction?”

Like many addicts, it took a long time for Tim to admit the severity of his problem.

“You convince yourself that things are under control, never really admitting you’re hooked to the sinful habit,” he says. “But then you look back and realize how long you’ve been addicted. In my case, it was 10 years, but the time seemed to fly by.”

Understanding that many people can’t comprehend sexual addiction, Tim explains the similarities to alcoholism and other addictions. “At first you only crave a taste of the vice, but with time, you become obsessed and want more and more and more. It’s never enough. That’s how sexual addiction works, too.”

Far from being harmless, Tim found that pornography eventually took over his mind, heart, and body. “I had nothing left to give to God,” he describes. “I was my own master, yet I felt completely out of control. I wondered how I could possibly stop a 10-year addiction.”

The Day a Video Changed Everything

While scrolling through Facebook one day, Tim curiously stopped at the Inspiration Ministries video about salvation through Jesus Christ. “It might have just passed as an ordinary video for many, but for me it was my salvation moment,” he recalls. The Holy Spirit fell powerfully on Tim as he watched the video. He began to weep as he realized how much God loved him, even though he had “missed the mark” for so many years.

With tears of repentance and joy, Tim repeated the prayer on the video. “Jesus, I know I have missed the mark. I ask for Your forgiveness. I believe in my heart You are the Son of God. I give You my life. Teach me to live for You.”

Amazingly, that day marked the END of Tim’s 10-year addiction to pornography!

“I have now been free from my addiction for over a year!” Tim reports. “The day I knelt down and prayed along with that salvation video was the beginning of a whole new life for me.”

In his first year as a new creation in Christ, he read the entire Bible. He has an ever-increasing passion to grow in spiritual maturity every day.

“All this happened because I let God into my life,” he says. “I know God has a great purpose for me and for anyone who’s willing to put Him first in their life.”

If you need freedom from a habitual sin such as pornography, alcoholism, or drug abuse, Tim has a message of hope for you: “With Jesus, anyone can overcome addiction, no matter how strong it is. I’m so thankful to Inspiration Ministries, because I encountered Jesus through them!”

Friend, have you made your choice to turn from your sins and accept Christ’s invitation? If not, we encourage you to pray this simple prayer:

“Jesus, You loved me so much that You gave Your life for me. I believe You are God’s Son. I believe You lived a sinless life and died for my sins. I believe You rose from the dead so that I can live forever with You in Heaven. Jesus, please forgive me for all my sins. I invite you to be my Savior and Lord. Thank You for coming into my heart and making me a child of God.”

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