If God Is So Good Why Is There Suffering In The World?

David ChadwickBy David Chadwick1 Minutes

If God is good, how can he allow suffering to exist? In this 15-part teaching series, Pastor David Chadwick points out that in the original creation there was harmony – a harmonious relationship between God and mankind; between people on earth; emotional wellbeing within ourselves; and tranquility in the natural world of God’s creation. Then when sin and rebellion entered the world, that harmony was broken. Rebellion on the earth began when Adam and Eve believed the lies of Lucifer and disobeyed God in their pride. This sin and rebellion brought with it the consequence of suffering in the world.

In these lessons you will learn about God’s perfect creation; the fall of man, that brought with it disharmony with God, people, self, and creation; God’s promise to restore all things; Jesus on the question of suffering; what is heaven; and more!