Spiritual Detox

Kim CrabillBy Kim Crabill1 Minutes

Do you ever feel slow … sluggish … in a rut? Do you long to feel invigorated … renewed … purposeful?

What if small daily changes could have a huge impact on your physical, mental, and spiritual life and provide you with a new perspective on life? This is possible with Spiritual Detox!

Join Kim Crabill for her new Strengthen Your WalkTM series on Spiritual Detox. During the 10 episodes, she will teach us about the eight biblical principles that will help guide us through our own spiritual detox journey. To begin the process of spiritual detoxification we must first READ God’s Word to RECOGNIZE where we can detox. We must then REPENT when necessary and REJECT, REPLACE, REJOICE, and RECORD. And finally, we must REFUSE to quit because spiritual detoxing is more than a 10-episode session. It is, however, about freedom, and the freedom from all that is trying to keep us from discovering what God has planned for us.