Confront & Conquer

Kim CrabillBy Kim Crabill1 Minutes

Ever wonder what your purpose is in this crazy world? God has chosen you to be His warrior. Join Kim Crabill and Casey Gomes as they tackle the definition and call of God’s warriors in this brand-new Strengthen Your WalkTM series, Confront and Conquer.

Jesus doesn’t promise us a life without trials and tribulations. But He does promise to be with us. Romans 8:37 assures us that God has already made us more than conquerors through Him . We are His warriors created to war in the heavenlies!

Are you soul weary and weighed down from trying to carry your burdens alone? Jesus promises to give us rest if we just come to Him and lay our burdens at His feet.

Crabill and Gomes help you work through your past hurts and present roadblocks, so you can focus on the Christian journey before you. Doubt is normal – even for those we think of as heroes in the Bible. The power of God in your life can break negative, generational cycles and turn you into a warrior for Christ!