Dancing on Your Dash

Kim CrabillBy Kim Crabill1 Minutes

It is time to live your life to the fullest! In a study that draws passages from the Psalms, John, and Acts, as well as the lives of Daniel and Jonah, Dancing on Your Dash is a reminder that you can trust God from the time of your birth to the time you leave this earth. Know that whatever life brings, you can hold the hand of your Savior and embrace the steps before you. Discover how you too can dance to the music of God’s promises and purposes.

Over the next 10 weekdays, Kim Crabill in her new, 10-episode Strengthen Your WalkTM series will guide you into the beautiful dance you have been longing your life to be.

She will help you stay on your toes and keep in step, how to dance after you have fallen, and you don’t want to miss instruction on how to shake off snakes, dance after denial and much more.

Are you ready to hit the dance floor with Jesus and Dance on Your Dash?