Tim Brown and the REUP Men’s Movement

John FarrellBy John Farrell1 Minutes

Tim Brown is the founder of REUP Men’s Movement, an organization dedicated to addressing a crucial need within the modern church. He has spent years cultivating bold and compassionate men who embrace their roles as leaders in their homes and devoted servants of the church through his organization.

Throughout his life, Tim has found himself in leadership positions and careers that placed him around other men. Over time, Tim noticed a pattern. Many of the men he found himself around would pour their hearts out to him concerning stresses in their work, worries over families, or fears that their live was meaningless. Knowing that so many men found themselves needing to confide in a stranger, Tim launched REUP. REUP was created to be an environment that nurtures personal growth and community engagement among men, achieving remarkable success stories of transformation and empowerment as individuals discover their true potential and embrace their God-given roles.

Brown joins John Farrell of Inspiration Ministries for a conversation about the REUP Men’s Movement, how churches can reach men and what they get wrong about men today, how to disciple men at church, leadership principles, and the five traits often found in the heart of a leader.

Watch the interview below to learn more about Tim Brown and the REUP Men’s Movement.