The Hidden Force in History

The Hidden Force in History

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The “Cyrus Cylinder” was an archeological breakthrough. Discovered in 1879 (and now housed in the British Museum in London), this ancient document revealed remarkable details about Cyrus, and how he ruled Persia in the 6th century BC.

It describes how one of his governing principles was a desire for “religious equality.” How he allowed conquered peoples to return home, and even helped restore temples that had been destroyed.

The Jews were among the people he helped. And this cylinder confirmed observations made by the Greek historian, Xenophon, who described how Cyrus praised the Jews and wanted to honor them. How he desired to help them rebuild their temple.

These are the records of history. But the Bible tells us that God was the real inspiration for Cyrus. How even Cyrus recognized that his spirit had been “stirred up” by God Himself. How he declared that God “appointed” him to build a house for Him in Jerusalem.

This is the way God moves throughout history. The media and government officials may provide their accounts of the actions of kingdoms, and the decisions of leaders. But we must never forget that God is the most powerful force in history. In ways often hidden from our eyes, He directs the course of nations, accomplishing His purposes!

Today, remember these Truths when you consider world events, and the challenges in your life. If your problems seem overwhelming, remember that you serve the God of the impossible. He is at work, even in ways you may not see. You can trust Him.