Seek Me

Seek Me

Caitlyn ScaggsBy Caitlyn Scaggs4 Minutes

I love to run! In my present season, I don’t run far distances and my pace isn’t competitive. That’s not why I run. Running is the place and space where my mind relaxes, I enter a prayerful state, and I just—go. When I am running I often sense and feel profound truth from the Father, through his Holy Spirit in me.

On a recent run, I felt like I was actually wrestling – not running. Each footfall on the pavement was this rhythmic reminder of how my life feels full of question marks and confusion. There are a lot of things in flux and at times I don’t feel tethered. As I ran, I lifted my eyes and saw the edge of a faith rainbow extending from a cloud and trailing down to the horizon. The presence of the rainbow made no sense. It was a “normal” afternoon with no noticeable precipitation in the air. Just a few clouds were visible and it was truly an unexpected colorful display across the sky.

While the science-minded individuals may be mentally justifying this beautiful experience, that is neither here nor there. To me, the rainbow was a direct wink from the Father that He has got this. All of the chaos, confusion, uncertainty, and flux are not outside his purview and are fully within His control. The sense of unexplainable peace that washed over my weary soul was beautiful. But that’s not where this soul-filling experience stopped. As I continued to run and look at the rainbow I felt His words wash over me: Seek Me.

A Rainbow Reminds Us

The rainbow prompted thoughts of Noah, one of the greats from the Old Testament who knew a thing or two about chaos, divisive times, and dark days. And yet, Noah sought the Lord and God made Noah’s path clear because Noah “found favor in the eyes of the Lord” (Genesis 5:8). The original rainbow was the starting point for my prayerful reflections but then I continued forward to another biblical great, David.

We meet David in the books of Samuel. In so many of the stories recounting David’s life we are reminded that a heart in earnest pursuit of the Lord can slay giants. First, in a literal sense, we learn that David was able to take down Goliath because he called upon the Lord and had a heart for Him. We later see that even in spite of David’s sin and shortcomings he was raised to be a mighty king because of his heart for the Lord. In faithfully seeking the Lord, David was equipped for all the challenges he faced across his lifetime.

Seek Him First

I do not need to have all the answers and should not concern myself with how my various life circumstances will resolve. Neither do you and neither should you. Rather, we should concern ourselves primarily with having hearts that earnestly seek the Lord. In doing so, we can trust that the Father has our best interest in mind and will equip us to navigate any challenges – or blessings – He brings our way.

When the floodwaters rise and when your giants are mocking you – seek Him. Let the daily pursuit of a love relationship with God, through His son Jesus, be your heart’s calling and heart’s desire. Release the worry, fear, and concern that you are clinging to and trust it to the One who made the earth and the One who makes the rainbows.

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