School of Deliverance: Demonic Drama Addiction

Isik AblaBy Isik Abla3 Minutes

Hello everyone! Welcome to School of Deliverance! We are studying this amazing book. I wrote it but downloads are coming from God, from the Word of God, and from hundreds of life experiences that I had in my ministry. Real people. Real studies. Real case studies and real amazing golden tips that are coming from the Word of God.

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Three huge tips to your deliverance. You need to know three things. You need to know who your God is. You need to know God’s identity. It is incredibly important in doing deliverance or for self-deliverance.

In Exodus Chapter 3, Moses asked God a very smart question: “Who do I say that sent me?” And God said, “I Am Yahweh. I Am.” It wasn’t in the present tense. It was “was,” “is,” and “is to come.” “Halal” is the root word. When we say “Hallelujah,” we are praising the great “I Am” in Exodus Chapter 3. It’s amazing! He said, “Tell them the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob sent you.” You need to know who God is. You need to know God’s name. We are not worshipping any god. Our God has a name. He’s the God of Abraham. He’s the God of Isaac. He’s the God of Jacob. He’s Yeshua Ha-Mashiach. He’s Yahweh God. That is a key in deliverance to know who you are worshipping.

Second, know your identity. You need to take your rightful positions spiritually. You need to know who you are. You are a child of God! You are heirs of salvation! You are the seed of Abraham. You are created in God’s own image. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. So, you need to start listing these things to be successful in your deliverance.

Then, the third one: know your enemy. You need to know your enemy to have to fight against your enemy. You need to understand how the enemy operates; how his voice is; how he lies; how he’s the watcher and the whisperer. And you need to see how the enemy operates in the Scripture, which I show you how it works in the demonic realm.

You need to know these three things to be successful in any deliverance.

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