3 Keys to Limitless Victory

3 Keys to Limitless Victory

Ben CerulloBy Ben Cerullo5 Minutes

The Bible tells the stories of dozens of people who seemed unlikely to ever do anything great. Many were fearful, others were failures, yet God enabled them to do the miraculous and triumph over their enemies.

One of these Biblical characters is Gideon, an unlikely hero for sure. When God called him, he was hiding in a wine press and threshing wheat, getting ready for an attack by the Midianites. He ultimately would defeat the huge Midianite army, needing just 300 men.

Three key steps were involved in Gideon’s victory, as we see in Judges chapters 6 and 7:

Key 1: Encounter the Supernatural

When Gideon was at his lowest point, living in fear and desperation, the Angel of the Lord appeared to him and said he would save Israel from the Midianites (6:14-16). Without seeing something supernatural, it’s doubtful Gideon ever would have found the courage to step out and obey God.

Key 2: Get God’s Perspective

Despite Gideon’s dismal circumstances at the time, the Angel of the Lord said to him, “The Lord is with you, you mighty man of valor!…Have I not sent you?” (6:12, 6:14). Instead of seeing Gideon’s weaknesses, failures, or mistakes, God saw a man of fearless courage, a victor instead of a victim.

Yet Gideon didn’t initially accept the Lord’s evaluation. God had to change his perspective and help him to start seeing himself differently.

Perhaps you’ve had the same struggle as Gideon did with low self-esteem. “How can God use me?” you ask. “Look at what I’ve done and all the times I’ve failed.” If this has been your mind-set, you need to let God give you a new perspective.

Key 3: Rely on God’s Power

The Lord told Gideon, “Surely I will be with you, and you shall defeat the Midianites as one man” (6:16). How was one man supposed to defeat an army that was “as numerous as locusts” (7:12)? Only one way…with God’s unlimited power.

Friend, God is asking you to do the impossible, too. That’s why He allows you to face problems you can never solve in your own strength. If you see a situation that looks impossible, remember that God says, “I’m not limited to the natural. My power is limitless. If you could do it in your own strength, you wouldn’t need Me.”

As soon as you acknowledge that you can’t handle the overwhelming circumstances on your own, God will step in and bring you victory. And when He gives you victory in an “impossible” situation, He alone will receive the glory.

When Gideon accepted God’s plan and perspective, “the Spirit of the Lord came upon Gideon” (6:34). Notice that instead of just receiving additional human strength, Gideon received the very strength of God.

In the same way, the Lord wants to clothe you in supernatural power, enabling you to step into your destiny. He will never leave you defenseless to fight your battles, nor must you confront the enemy in your own strength and ability.

Friend, it’s time to start looking at the bigness of your God instead of the bigness of your need. You may be in your darkest hour, surrounded by enemies like Gideon was. But fear not! The Lord is going to come and meet you at the point of your need. He’s the God of abundance and overflow, ready to give you overwhelming victory.

“As soon as you acknowledge that you can’t handle the overwhelming circumstances on your own, God will step in and bring you victory.”

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