School of Deliverance: Demon Possessed or Oppressed?

Isik AblaBy Isik Abla8 Minutes

Dear friends, welcome to School of Deliverance! So many of you are super interested in the subject. Why? Because some people are interested in demons. I’m not interested in demons even though I wrote this book, Cast Out Demons and Slay Your Giants. I am interested in your freedom!

First, let the focus of the camera be in the right place. The centerpiece of deliverance is always Jesus Christ and is always going to be Jesus Christ. Why? Because when the Son sets you free, you are free indeed! And it is all about freedom. It’s all about identifying the problems and knowing which areas in your life you need to be set free.

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The question today is: what is demon-possessed or oppressed? And I want to tell you this casual answer, you may not like it: who cares? It is all about influence. It is all about influence!

Are you drunk or are you tipsy? Are you this? Doesn’t matter, you are under an influence, right? When the police officer stops you and he gives you an alcohol test, you are under the influence. You get a DUI. Why? Because you drank before driving and you’re still under the influence. And what influenced us? It affects your judgment. It affects your vision. It affects your reactions. Instead of responses, you are giving reactions. It affects your success in your driving.

It is the same way with the demonic forces. Oh wait, is it oppressed? Is it possessed? Yeah, I have seen cases where people are possessed like you have never seen before. I have seen all kinds of stuff, hundreds of deliverance testimonies I can share with you, but that is not the point. You know, if you’re oppressed, if you’re under the influence of the demonic, it is going to be as bad as you are possessed.

It is all one word in Greek: demonized. It is not oppressed. It is not possessed. So, don’t focus on: “Is it possessed? Is it oppressed?” No, focus on the influence, demonized. The word in Greek is called demonized. What it means is that there is a demonic influence controlling somebody’s judgments, decisions, life, and happiness. It is controlling their health because there are spirits of infirmity in people’s lives. And some of the things are generational, passing throughout the generations. So, don’t focus on possessed or oppressed, but focus on the influence and get rid of the influence of the unseen world of darkness.

Another thing I want to share with you is that it’s so important when you are seeing this influence in your life, know that the influence is limiting you and you need to remove that boundary hindrance. The biggest word about this is: hindrance from your life. “So when now the Spirit of the Lord had departed from Saul and an evil spirit from the Lord tormented him.”

God’s Spirit … first of all you need to understand, for the influence of the demonic, demonization, your temple cannot have two spirits. You cannot have the Holy Spirit and the demonic spirit in the same temple. So, what happened to Saul is super nice and super clear. It is not nice, but it’s a very nice, clear representation of how it works. It’s like a light switch. You can operate in the Spirit, right? Now, you can immediately operate in the demonic. This is how easy based on your will it is.

One day you are like Enoch: you are ready to be taken up to heaven because you are pleasing God, walking in the Word of God, worshipping God, and everything. Not even one day I have seen people at church services and the moment they walk out, the light switch is off, the Holy Spirit is so grieved and He doesn’t stay in the temple. What starts happening is they are under the influence and they’re in the flesh, walking in the flesh. Walking in the carnal nature is opening a door to a completely different influence. And you look at the same person and say, “Wow, this was a woman of God! This was a man of God! How are they acting like this? How are they behaving like this?” I am not talking about how they are impatient in the traffic and immediately they are demon-possessed or demonized or they snap at their spouse because they are under pressure. I am not talking about this; I’m talking about how a continual spirit of depression comes on people’s lives. I’m talking about the oppressive spirit that comes.

There are people that because of the demonic powers are so much at work in their lives. And I am speaking to someone right now who for so long couldn’t even pray. You couldn’t even do praise and worship. I’m gonna touch base on those things and how the enemy can come against your praise and worship. How he can come against your prayer life. How he can throw things at you nonstop because you are living this chaotic, distracted life where you cannot focus on things.

You are young but your memory, your mind, is cloudy and you are like, “What is wrong with me?” You go to the doctors’ — I am not against any doctors. I go to doctor’s myself. I respect medicine. I respect people who are experts — but they may tell you, “We don’t know what’s wrong with you, everything seems okay. All the test results … everything is fine.”

“Your car, we checked everything and we don’t know,” the mechanic says. The doctor says, “We don’t know what’s wrong with you.” I want to suggest at that point, you need to take your fight into a different realm. And if you identify what’s going on, you are the king of your castle! And you kick them out and you know that you know that Jesus Christ is completely and utterly in charge of your life!

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