Power of Prayer

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

How can we unleash more of the power of prayer, praying with such impact that problems are solved and the world is changed? In his letter to Timothy, Paul taught several principles that can help us accomplish these goals (vs. 1-8).

Paul knew that prayer can be weakened when we’re dominated by our own thoughts and interests, so he stressed that we should pray for “all men,” not just fellow Christians or those with whom we agree. No. We are to pray for everyone, friend or foe. We are to think about others, seeking the salvation of Souls and interceding for the Lost.

We also are to lay aside our prejudices and preoccupations. We must focus on God, “lifting up holy hands.” We are instructed to be filled with worship and praise…overwhelmed by His holiness and majesty…thinking about His Kingdom…seeking to please and serve Him…delighting in His Word…and fulfilling His call on our lives.

We are to pray “without wrath and dissension,” refocusing our energies away from ourselves and onto God. This kind of God-centered prayer provides a forum for healing relationships and wounds between husbands and wives, parents and children, enemies and rivals, or people with whom we’ve had conflicts.

Just imagine what would happen if we applied the principles Paul taught Timothy…if we prayed constantly, “in every place”…if we prayed “lifting up holy hands,” in acts of surrender and worship, with clean hands and pure hearts…if we prayed out of lives completely surrendered to Jesus as our Lord…if we prayed “without wrath and dissension,” laying aside anger, bitterness, or divisions…if we prayed together more often with other Christians…if, instead of worrying, debating, or criticizing, we took every need to God in prayer.

Today, commit yourself to a life of prayer!