How Do I Pray to God?

Melissa HendersonBy Melissa Henderson4 Minutes

Have you prayed today? Did you pray yesterday? These questions may arise during conversation in person, in letters and notes, online, and other places. Whether we are asking God for help or giving praise to the Father, prayer is vital to our relationship with the Lord and with each other.

How do I pray to God?

Prayer is personal. Prayer is sharing time with God and opening our hearts and souls to deepen our relationship with Him. Perhaps there have been times when prayer was easy. Other times, maybe the words wouldn’t come. There is no need to worry if we don’t know what to pray. God knows our hearts. He collects our tears. When words seem far away, peace and comfort can be found in knowing that God is with us in every moment.

How do you pray to God? Is there a certain time of day or night you set aside for prayer? For me, prayer can come at any moment. One of my favorite parts of the morning is opening my front door and saying, “Thank You Lord for this glorious day.” Then, I walk to the back door and repeat the words as I look outside and enjoy His creation.

Have you ever been asked to pray out loud in a group? For some people, the thought of praying out loud can bring sweaty palms, rapid heartbeat, and quick breathing. Others pray and the words flow easily. As we grow in our faith in God, we can rest assured He will help us through any anxiety about praying.

Whether we pray words from the heart or pray words from the Bible such as The Lord’s Prayer, the key is in the fact that we are going to the Father and sharing time with Him.

Churches often have prayer groups that receive specific requests for prayer. The group is notified and they begin praying individually. Other situations call for group prayer. One example is when I was attending a church meeting and a person entered the room and told of bad news that had happened in the world. Our group stopped the meeting and began praying. At first it was silent prayers and then anyone who wanted to pray out loud was given time to share their prayers.

When we pray to God we are expressing our faith and trust in the Father. The path is opened and we can express our concerns or our joys. God is always listening and He hears our prayers.

If there is a time when the words won’t come, ask God for help in expressing your thoughts.  Pray and ask Him for guidance in what to pray and how to pray. If you are praying for a loved one, friend, stranger, yourself, or a particular situation, remember He hears the prayers.

How do I pray to God? For me, I pray during the day and during the night. I find comfort in sharing time with the Father.

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