Guard Your Heart

Sopha RushBy Sopha Rush2 Minutes

Excerpt taken from 100 Days of Living Deeply Rooted: A Devotional Journal by Sopha Rush.


Be wise as serpents and innocent as doves (Matthew 10:16 ESV).

Guard your heart, for everything flows from it. Protect yourself from falling into the trap of letting anyone and anything in your space. People come with baggage and a past that hasn’t been completely or healed. Some people are filled with anger, bitterness, hurt, pain, jealousy, hate—the list goes on. We’ve all been on this list. Well, I know I have. Be careful not to transfer their baggage onto your own, making you carry all of it. It will drain the life out of you. And we aren’t meant to be someone else’s footstool or baggage carrier. We are called to love and show them who can help carry them. Listen, you are no one’s savior, nor can you fix them. Only God has the power to save. He’s a Healer, Fixer, Protector, Restorer. It’s not your job to do what God can do. Fix your eyes on Him. Walk in love and truth today. Don’t allow anyone to steal your joy because they aren’t in a place they want to be. If need be, you can always love them from a distance. Protect what’s yours. Whatever that may be.

God, help me feel Your protection around me at all times. I don’t want to hold on to things that I was never meant to carry. Please bless my friend as they walk through their battles. I give all of their problems and pains to You. Lord, because I can’t fix them.

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