Perpetual Creation

Godly Grandeur: Perpetual Creation

Judy DuCharmeBy Judy DuCharme7 Minutes

Have you ever considered that our grief over the tragedies on our streets and throughout our world reveal the heart and purpose of God. Not the event, not the tragedy, but the grief. God’s purposing for life is hard-wired into our very being.

A springtime walk in the woods will help this revelation. The beauty and continuous life seen there is breath-taking. The hush of the breeze, the variety of shape and size, the colors that wash over you represent the trueness of God. He intended that life be perpetual … even with the death process that is ongoing and the destruction that occasionally attacks. Life reflects the first law of motion: That which is in motion tends to stay in motion.

In the woods, the motion of creation is displayed wonderfully. Creation is life, continuous life. Yes death and destruction attack and destroy, but life keeps going. To believe that God created our world in six days is not hard to believe. To think that it all just happened by itself is what’s difficult to believe.

When tough times arrive, we often quip, “Well, life goes on.” If we look deeper, we find that statement true. However, when we experience real evil and great loss, we cry out against the saying. That life goes on seems wrong and unfair, for our life screams to a halt. We can’t believe that life continues around us … from our vantage point all is wrong. But, be thankful that life continues. Take a moment to look at the plants that grow unaided by human intervention … the lady slippers, the trilliums, the forget-me-nots. Plants, unnamed, keep on growing, and trees grow out of dead trees and through rock. God is life continuing.

So many believe destruction comes from God and we rail against Him for allowing evil. We conclude He doesn’t care. Yet life is what God does. Life keeps going perpetually. Think of the thousands of years that life has kept going.  Accidents are not God. Rather the life that continues, the life that restores … that’s God. An unwanted pregnancy may be an accident, yet it is precipitated by the law of sowing seed … you sow seed, you reap life. And think about that infant growing in the womb, the wonder of giving birth, the growth of that baby into someone with a totally unique personality, able to talk and walk and create and to think brilliantly. Yes, a birth defect is an accident, not God’s original plan, and I know about that. Yet, considering all that could possibly go wrong in the growing of an infant, it is amazing that the majority are defect free – that’s life continuing, God’s plan.

We all know too well the agony of a young person passing away, truly an accident that cries out against all that is right. Tragic as it is, it reveals that God’s plan is for life – for we know intrinsically that early death is wrong. We take note and find comfort in the good that may come of the death, but that again reveals that God’s purpose, his grandeur, is life, not death. He will help us go on – and, though so difficult, it’s right that we do so and allow His healing and comforting hand to work in us. Life does and must go on.

Yes, evil exists in the world, but it is not from God – it comes from without. Even the word in English is ‘live’ spelled backwards. It is a wrong direction, going against God’s purpose. Sometimes we worship what man does, his creative brilliant mind in the many inventions and commodities. But where did that intelligence come from? God began it all with creating a world that perpetually continues, that demonstrates life. We marvel at science, yet the laws we use to create are the laws that God placed in the world, the law of lift, gravity, laws of motion and thermodynamics. All of it we discovered in the world that God created. All the abilities of language, of communication, of invention, came from the creative mind of God.

He created a world that is interdependent on its working parts. Even the simplest cell has over 60 proteins and thousands of interdependent parts … not simple at all … except it is simply magnificent. Many say evolution is true because of similar parts in all animals, yet when we find a work of art, or pieces of writing, we identify the creator by the similar patterns. God has similar patterns throughout all living things, but the most marvelous variety we can think of. We want to call it mother nature, but it’s Father God, who loves us and gave life that continues.

So go outside and find a place where you can consider what God has done, what He is doing, and what He will continue to do. His heart for you is life, continual, restorative life. No matter what has attacked you, what lies have been told to you, God is a life-giving God. His Godly grandeur is perpetual life. If you have experienced unspeakable tragedy, know that God’s purpose is life. We know it deep within. We know that tragedy shouldn’t have happened and wasn’t God’s plan. His plan, though, is to walk with you and bring you back to life.

You may still have demanding questions. As God restores life to you, He will also restore.