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Judy DuCharme

Judy DuCharme grew up in a small town on Lake Huron and now lives in the woods of beautiful Door County, Wisconsin. Married to Lee and mother of two, Judy taught fifth grade for 22 years before retiring in 2012. Her family enjoys hiking and boating and is very involved in their church and community organizations. She has written six award-winning books and also writes for Guideposts magazine. Probably her greatest joy is her almost two-year-old grandson. Learn more at judithducharme.com

3 Aspects of Faith for Daily Life
3 Aspects of Faith for Daily Life

I was so upset one day after a phone call from someone I dearly loved. I was not happy with the…

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Forgiveness – Let It Go
Forgiveness – Let It Go

There it was again. I was out walking, enjoying the day, and my mind reached down and pulled up…

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Perpetual Creation
Godly Grandeur: Perpetual Creation

Have you ever considered that our grief over the tragedies on our streets and throughout our world…

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