God Is a Miracle Worker

Caitlyn ScaggsBy Caitlyn Scaggs6 Minutes

Miracles are circumstances and situations that defy the laws of nature and scientific explanation. Our human eyes often look at miraculous events in wonder and struggle to believe what we are seeing and experiencing. We may scratch our heads as we try to come up with a logical reason that the phenomenon has occurred. Maybe we misunderstood the science? Or, perhaps we aren’t getting all the facts straight?

How about allowing ourselves to wonder if maybe, just maybe, we are witnessing the hand of God. Afterall, God is a miracle worker.

God Is a Miracle Worker

We see the ability of God to deliver miracles from the very beginning of the Bible to the final pages. Our very existence is miraculous.

With only words, God spoke the world into existence. Every tree, animal, mountaintop, and human are evidence of the miraculous hand of God. From nothing, everything was created (Genesis 1-2). Then, as the story of humanity unfolds, we see God continue to defy human logic as He acts in ways only a powerful and mighty God can.

Think about how the Israelites were delivered from Egypt in Exodus 6-14. This portion of human history is filled with happenings that rise above science and the laws of nature. From water being turned to blood, three days of pure darkness in all of Egypt, and the spontaneous death of livestock — God got Pharaoh’s attention through miraculous circumstances. It all culminated in the parting of the Red Sea. The Israelites were able to flee their captors once and for all, on dry ground.

The miracles in the Old Testament were a way to reveal the sovereignty and majesty of God. As they occurred they prompted wonder and worship of the One True Lord.

Jesus Enacts Miracles with God’s Authority

The miracles by no means stopped as humanity transitioned from life before the birth of Jesus into New Testament living. The birth of Jesus Christ is one of the most beautiful and profound miracles humanity has ever experienced. Born of a virgin, Jesus was conceived by the holy spirit and born fully God and fully man — incredible. As our miraculous savior grew and entered into ministry, He performed a series of miracles and in doing so, demonstrated His Lordship.

Jesus began by turning water into wine, He gave sight to the blind, and the lame were able to walk. All of these miracles were done because of the authority Jesus received from God Himself. Each miracle is an opportunity for us to have fresh awareness of the majesty of God and the significance of His son, Jesus.

What Do Miracles Mean for You?

If God is that mighty and capable then why do we doubt when we encounter miraculous experiences in the everyday? We often trust science over the One who created all of science. Similarly, we feel governed by the laws of nature rather than the One who created all the laws of nature. In our humanness, and preoccupation with only the things in front of our eyes, we fail to see God at work.

While various biblical scholars and theologians will debate if we experience miracles in the same way early humans did, there is no doubt that his majesty and sovereignty are still present in our world. Do we really think that His arm has lost its strength as He loves, guides, rescues, and redeems His people? It absolutely has not. In Malachi 3:6 God declares, “I the Lord do not change.”

God tells us that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. When we choose to follow the Lord and trust the veracity of the Bible it means we can grab onto this truth about God. God is still a miracle maker. His character and nature do not change, which should be a source of comfort for all of us.

Next time you witness miraculous circumstances, no matter how big or small, pause to worship God and this amazing aspect of who He is. Even if you don’t watch the Red Sea part you may witness Him turn a stubborn heart back to himself — that is a miracle. You may not witness water turn to wine at your dinner table — but do you experience providential circumstances that simply don’t make sense with human explanations?

There are no coincidences when it comes to God. He is in control and engaged with each of us, our work is to keep our eyes open to His work and ways so we can respond with worship. Celebrate and praise Him for being a miracle maker from the earliest days of humanity, to our present day times, and for all of eternity.