Friend, You’ve Got This: The Triple-D Dive

Kim CrabillBy Kim Crabill5 Minutes

I love, love the water, but I’ve never been a great swimmer. So, when I was confronted with the challenge to jump off a high dive, I was digging deep for some real courage.

Philip Brooks, the great author and speaker says, “Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger people. Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers, pray for powers equal to your tasks.” Well, to Mr. Brooks I say, that just sounds lovely. I don’t know how you feel about this prayer, but for me to pray this, well, I need to dig for the same kind of courage it took to jump off that high dive.

But here’s the thing, when I do dig, that is for God’s courage, I find it! It’s there, just like the foundational scripture of our study – Isaiah 45:5. God will strengthen us, and in that lies our courage and confidence to do whatever God requires of us – even if it’s a TRIPLE–D DIVE.

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Strengthen Your Walk, and our study, “Friend, You’ve Got This!” I’m Kim Crabill and I’m delighted to be with you!

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So, what is a Triple-D Dive? It’s a way for me to biblically organize my mind to have the confidence and courage to not just dip my toes into the shallow waters of God’s work – none of us want to settle for that – but to completely submerge myself – commit, dive in – to however God wants to use me.

Let’s think of the TRIPLE-D DIVE in three words: discern, diagnose, and deliver, and in this way:

Your high-dive is the messy situation you find yourself walking into: Your co-worker confronts you; your teen completely disrespects you; your spouse spouts out angry accusations toward you. Rather than being caught off guard, we need to be prepared because, remember, opposition can be divine appointments of opportunity (remember GOT from our earlier study).

So, when we encounter trouble/hurt/test or trial, we can train ourselves to first stop. When all hell is breaking loose, we can step aside and ask God to help us spiritually DISCERN what is really going on. What actions should we take? What should we say or not say?

By stopping to DISCERN the situation, we can begin to spiritually DIAGNOSE what is really going on. Just as with a physician, symptoms can be key indicators of things not so readily perceived, so we can know how to proceed – what to begin or administer to bring about help and eventual healing.

Perhaps that confrontational coworker simply needs to be recognized for their work; maybe your disrespectful teen is really just screaming for more attention; and have you considered that angry outbursts from those you love could be symptoms of their being overworked and overwhelmed in their own life?

As we stop to discern and diagnose, there’s only one thing to do. It’s like being on that high-dive – you know what you’re there to do, so go for it. DELIVER what you have been sent to accomplish.

Now it may not be so easy. What is being asked of you may not be what you want to do, or even what someone else initially wants you to do. It may take swallowing a lot of water … no, no I mean PRIDE. It may be sharing Christ with that nasty coworker. And now, this is where Mr. Brook’s prayer becomes personal.

Lord, I’m not praying for an easy life, I’m praying to be stronger. I’m praying for power to equal my tasks. I’m praying Ephesians 3:20, for your power to flow through me to do infinitely more than I could ever dream or dare to imagine or ask, all for your glory. Are you ready to take the Triple-D Dive? I know you can do this … I know you’ve got this, because God’s Got you!

Thank you for joining me today … I look forward to seeing you next time on Strengthen Your Walk.

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