Friend, You’ve Got This: Curbing Compromise

Kim CrabillBy Kim Crabill6 Minutes

The great author, teacher, and speaker, John Maxwell, says this: “Adversity is a crossroad that makes a person choose one of two paths: character or compromise. Every time one chooses character, he becomes stronger, every time one chooses compromise, he chooses less.”

Hello everyone and welcome back to Strengthen Your Walk, and our study, “Friend, You’ve Got This!” I’m Kim Crabill and I’m delighted to be with you!

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So, what is compromise, and how does it fit into our study? First, compromise is to accept standards that are lower than what is expected; lower than what is being asked. How does it fit in this study? Well, I can tell you that, for years, I knew God was calling me from behind my mask to show my authentic self. For me, it was much easier to find the courage to jump off that high dive we talked about in an earlier session than taking the risk of being rejected or abandoned again. Because I truly wanted to do what God asked of me, I found what I thought was an acceptable negotiation of sorts: I’d help others find their authentic self. There was no risk to me, and no harm would befall those I helped, because I knew I would remain loyal to them.

This was not a bad plan … was it? Quite honestly, I was admired for what I was doing. It was honorable, and it was truly helping others, but in my heart, I knew I was COMPROMISING.

You see in our quest to do what God is calling us to do – that which we stopped to discern and diagnose – the first thing the enemy will use to try to stop us along the way to DELIVERY are the fiery darts of fear. We talked about that last time. If fear doesn’t stop us, then the next strategy THAT will be employed will be the thought to compromise.

Compromise is when we know what God is asking, and we don’t want to be unwilling, but we are not fully committed to His plan, and so we begin to form one of our own. And it might look like this: You feel God urging you to talk to a coworker about your faith. You think, “Ok, sure. I can do that.” But then those fiery darts begin: “But you have never done this! You are really taking a risk!” And so, rather than allowing these fiery darts to stop you, a better idea suddenly pops into your mind: “Oh I know, I won’t go to her personally, but I will send a text.” Do you see what I’m talking about? In the space between God’s calling and our completion, lies the opportunity/temptation to compromise.

Compromise hears God’s calling, but thinks it has a better idea. Compromise is always easier, not so invasive, or threatening. It’s safe. And do you know what else Compromising is? Compromise is choosing our way over God’s will. We literally fool ourselves into thinking that our way is better than God’s way. James 1:22 says we either do what God says, or we deceive ourselves. So, let’s quickly talk about 5 ways to curb the compromising:

1) Isolate the compromising thought. (think about what you are thinking about)
2) Acknowledge compromise is not from God. This compromising thought is merely a temptation
3) Ask yourself: What is the way out of this temptation to compromise? 2 Corinthians 12:9 promises that God always provides a way out.
4) Commit to God’s will over the way of Compromise.
5) Call for back-up! You have help! (2 Corinthians 12:9) God’s power will be your strength.

When God asks something of us we stand at the crossroad … Choosing not to compromise might be a bit intimidating, but what might be the cost if we do? For the coworker God asked you to go to personally, He knew she was ready. All she needed was for someone to show her the way.

For me, it took a while, but from behind my mask I finally came. At whatever crossroad you stand today, even in fear and trepidation, you can say, “I can do this because God’s got me.”

Thank you for joining me today … I look forward to seeing you next time on Strengthen Your Walk.

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