Everything Has Changed!

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Angela was desperate for a supernatural breakthrough from God. “I had no job, no income, and no savings,” she explains. “Unless the Lord intervened, I had no other hope left.”

Right at her lowest point, Angela happened to watch an Inspiration Ministries broadcast about sowing for her harvest. “Although $100 was all the money I had left in the world, I was compelled by the Lord to sow a financial seed into the Good Ground of Inspiration Ministries,” she remembers.

Soon things changed for Angela: “Thank you, Inspiration Ministries,” she wrote. “Because I obediently planted a seed into His Kingdom, God greatly blessed me!”

The blessings were many: “First, I began a new job,” she reports. “Then much-needed restoration began to take place within my family. Many of my unsaved family members have now given their hearts to Christ!”

How does Angela explain the turnaround in her life? God’s favor! She writes: “Everything in my life has changed, and God has given me favor I’ve never had before!”