Delight in His Love

Ben CerulloBy Ben Cerullo2 Minutes

How is it possible that so many believers turn the life of extraordinary faith in Jesus into something ordinary and even humdrum? Never opening the door of their heart to real love and delight in the Lord, they miss out on the amazing work of the Holy Spirit moving through them to build God’s Kingdom on earth.

Those who truly know Jesus understand that delight and faith are inseparably united. Those who love God with all their hearts find that their “heart is glad in Him because [they] trust in His holy name (Psalm 33:21). His sons and daughters discover such joy and confidence that, rather than serving Him out of obligation or fear, they gladly follow Him though all the world despise them.

As a believer, you shouldn’t follow Jesus because you think He will send you to hell if you don’t. Your faith should not be a chain around your neck; your confession of faith should not be considered bondage; you should never consider serving your brothers and sisters in Christ to be a miserable, religious burden.

If you feel this way, ask the Lord to search your heart and renew a right spirit within you. Regularly exercise spiritual disciplines like prayer and Bible reading to supercharge your spirit and discover a new love and gratitude for who He is. The whole purpose of your relationship with Jesus is to experience His pleasure as His son or daughter. He wants your hope in Him to be your joy, your Christian service to be a response driven by your love of your living Savior.

If you surrender everything to Jesus, your faith will rise like an eagle to new heights. Delight in Him today, and let the joy of His matchless love overwhelm your heart.